Nursing Research on concept analysis

Question Description

Concept of Comfort Analysis. (this is what the discussion is based on)

As part of the concept analysis, a focused review of scholarly literature is conducted, using a minimum of 3(three) scholarly sources related to the selected concept. A formal literature review can be extensive in critiquing all the relevant literature about a specific topic or area of knowledge. In this assignment, that level of effort is not required. What is expected is an integrated discussion of at least three articles on the concept selected for this assignment.Themes, ideas, or facts about the concept found in the reviewed literature are presented in an organized fashion. Note: research articles about the concept are the best kind of article for a literature review.

The steps in a concept analysis include: identification of the aims or purposes of the analysis

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  1. a review of selected scholarly literature on the concept ( The concept I use is Concept of Comfort, analysis.)
  2. identification of model cases
  3. identification of alternate cases (borderline, related, contrary, invented, and illegitimate cases)
  4. definition of empirical referents

Criteria for Content

  1. Introduction includes statements on the process of concept analysis, identifies the nursing concept and nursing theory from which it was obtained, and relates the main topics of the paper. A list of possible concepts is provided below. A substantive discussion of each of the following elements is present. All elements are supported by scholarly literature
    1. A review of scholarly literature (minimum of three articles)
    2. Two model cases
    3. Two of the following alternative cases: borderline, related, contrary, invented, or illegitimate
    4. Two empirical referents

Make sure Concept of Comfort analysis is  discussed under these headings.

A substantive integrated discussion of at least three scholarly sources on the selected concept:

  • themes, ideas, or facts about the concept found in the reviewed sources are presented in an organized fashion;
  • Student’s new knowledge on validity of the methods used by the different sources’ authors to learn about the concept

Strengths and weaknesses of those authors’ conclusions

2 model cases are discussed substantively and supported by the scholarly

alternative cases are discussed substantively (borderline, related, contrary, invented, or illegitimate), and  each case has support from the scholarly literature

2 empirical referents for the selected concept are discussed substantively and supported with scholarly literature