1. Discuss how a woman’s “ability” or “age” can impact or enhance their sexuality. Think  about both potentially positive and possibly negative ways. Think also  about how differently abled women and/or older women are perceived by  others or portrayed (as in the media). What do you think of the dynamic  between these women, society and the topic of sexuality? Why has it  developed in this way? (300 WORDS)

2. Choose one topic or issue that you learned about this semester and discuss why/how it had the biggest effect  on either your knowledge, your self/identity, your relationships or  your sense of advocacy/justice. Try to tie in the text/materials (from  any module) here. (300 words)

you must use sources attached:

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-Katherine E. Bradway & Renee L. Beard, (2015). “‘Don’t be Trying to Box Folks In’: Older Women’s Sexuality,” Journal of Women & Social Work, 30 (4), 504-18. (I ATTACHED IT)

-Barbara L. Marshall, (2006). “The New Virility: Viagra, Male Aging and Sexual Function,” Sexualitites, 9 (3), 345-62. (Links to an external site.(I ATTACHED IT)

-J.D. Drummond et al. (2013). The Impact of Caregiving: Older Women’s Experiences of Sexuality and Intimacy. Aging and Mental Health, 13, 238-245. (I ATTACHED IT)

-Attitudes about Sexuality and Aging. (2017). Harvard Health Publishing.

NO discussions left after these. Thank you for your work prof Alister 🙂 

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