Written Assignment 2 Students Please Note: This assignment must be submitted to turnitin.com. Reference the “Turnitin Requirement” section of the course Syllabus (or Using Turnitin for Assignments on the Topic List Page) for general instructions. Uploa

Written Assignment 2


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Students Please Note: This assignment must be submitted to turnitin.com.


Reference the “Turnitin Requirement” section of the course Syllabus (or Using Turnitin for Assignments on the Topic List Page) for general instructions. Upload both your assignment and the originality report within the assignment link. Students please note: Some of the Turnitin documents will refer to using turnitin for the Final Project rather than Assignment 2. In this course, the requirement is to submit Assignment 2, not the final project.


For this assignment you are required to write and submit a draft of your second chapter, Chapter 2: Literature Review. You will finalize this chapter as part of your work in Module 6 later in the course.


The purpose of this chapter stems from the need to demonstrate and validate the importance of your topic and the major question you have presented, as well as the answers to your sub questions.


In essence, this chapter is nothing more than a research paper on your topic. It should not include any personal opinions or thoughts. Look for information on prior studies, demonstrations, presentations etc. to which your work will add in a qualitative way.


Tips for Collecting and Citing Research Material

Avoid collecting research data and articles by the dozens. They all may seem useful, but may be repetitive and time consuming, without offering new, fresh content. Set up a time schedule and allow yourself only a block of time for research. Consider this portion of the Capstone a “mini-research report,” with the purpose of validating the need for your study.


Each paragraph in Chapter 2 must have citations for all information taken from any outside source. No personal opinions or personal comments may be included. Only 10% of the chapter (maximum) should involve quotes. All quotes must be cited with page numbers; all paraphrased material must be cited, as well. Use APA for all but creative or literary topics, which use MLA format.


Do not use Chicago School or any hybrid style of citations.


Written Assignment 2, Part I and Part II

This assignment has two parts, a review of the literature you have explored for your final project and an annotated bibliography of the sources listed. Consult the following article for an explanation of what this involves:



Your draft of Chapter 2 should be structured according to the outline given below, which lists the different subheadings you need to include. Consult the explanations given for guidance regarding what information to include under each of these subheadings:


Part I: Literature Review

Write and submit a draft of Chapter 2, the Literature Review, including headings appropriate to the content. Take notes from the sources and organize them according to content themes.

  • Introductory paragraph

Begin with an introductory paragraph and place the informative thesis statement at the end of that first paragraph. The thesis statement is the major focus of the literature review chapter. All paragraphs relate in some way to that thesis statement.

  • Body paragraphs

Each body paragraph must begin with a topic sentence and end with a concluding sentence. See See pp. 183-184 of the Writing the Winning Thesis or Dissertation textbook. Every paragraph must contain information you have read in sources. Do not use more than 10% quotes in the entire chapter. Every paragraph must have citations for all paraphrased information. Do not use any of your own opinions or experiences. This is purely information from researched sources.

  • Concluding paragraph

End with a concluding paragraph that begins with a restatement of your thesis sentence that you used in the introduction. Add nothing new to the conclusion. It is a summary of the body paragraphs.


Note: Beware of inadvertent plagiarism. Do not use any wording or phrasing from the authors of your sources unless you place the words in quotation marks. Every idea MUST be cited, regardless of how you paraphrased the information. Please focus on the guidance provided by the OWL Web Site. You will be held responsible for the writing, as well as the content of this chapter.


Review punctuation, especially semicolons. If you do not know how to use them, don’t! Review comma rules. Every comma has its own rule. Know why you are using them. Be sure to revise your work several times. Have someone else read your writing, as he or she will catch errors you missed. That is just common practice among writers. This is a scholarly work. Be sure to reread Chapter 12 in the Writing the Winning Thesis or Dissertationtextbook.


Part II: Annotated Bibliography

Prepare an Annotated Bibliography of sources based on the references you used for Part I: Literature Review. For an example of what this involves, see “Develop an Annotated Bibliography,” p. 70, in the Writing the Winning Thesis or Dissertation textbook.



  • Use APA or MLA format to create the annotated bibliography. Note that all business, science, and social science disciplines must use APA format; creative, literary, theater arts must use MLA format. See the Purdue University Online Writing Lab [OWL] website at http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/ for format information.

  • If using APA format, title this page References; if you are using MLA, title this page Works Cited.

  • Place your Annotated Bibliography at the end of Chapter 2 (at this point). This will eventually become part of the References (APA) or Works Cited (MLA) that will be placed at the end of Chapter 5 of your capstone project.


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