Write an autoethnographic vignette reflecting on your experiences being the target of, perpetrator of, or witness to microaggressions in the workplace. Analyse the effects of this microaggression on the individual, organisational and societal levels (min. 200 words). read Harrington, S., Warren, S. and Rayner, C. (2013), ‘Human Resource Management practitioners’ responses to workplace bullying: Cycles of symbolic violence’, Organization, 22(3), pp. 368–389. Vickers, M.H. (2007), ‘Autoethnography as sensemaking: A story of bullying’, Culture and Organization, 13(3), pp. 223–237. attachment 21889-05-OrganisationalViolence.pdf 7

Hello i need a human resources essay done, 450 words ( Good and normal level grammar )

Two slides need to be read ( chapter 05, chapter 07 )Then you need to answer question 1&2 in ( final HR 1 )the 450 words essay.

i need this to be finished in 3 hours max.

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