write a Proposals paper

1)         Proposals are persuasive messages that describe a problem, offer a solution, and explain the value of the solution to a defined audience. You’ll be writing to a group of readers who may or may not have the ability to solve that problem; your proposal’s primary goal is to persuade your readers to act.

2)The topic for this proposals is unfair study condition, which means, Professors have different grading standards and course contents. The grading policies of different professors are usually diverse when they are teaching identical courses. The vary grading standards causes most of students pay more attention on professors’ easiness than their teaching quality. Students who have early enrollment period often check on websites about their professors in order to take simple classes. So the rest of students can only choose courses with tough graders. Our audiences are students, professors and headquarters.

Additionally, ESL students are often suffering from language issues. Judging their grades with the same grading policies as local students at their freshman year is unfair.

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3)   This is a group project, you only need do the highlight part (#3 and #4) only , you may need do research you need to finished those part.

1.     The writer’s purpose and the reader’s need in an introduction

2.     Background to the problem

3.     The need, or problem, to be solved

4.     A description of your group’s plan to solve the problem

5.     The benefits of the proposal to the proposal’s readers

6.     The costs associated with your solution

7.     Your group’s credibility—its ability to deliver or design a solution

8.     A conclusion that suggests a desired action

Section 3:  The Need, or Problem you may need do some research

  • Describes all important aspects of the problem in greater detail.
  • Focusses on three key areas:
    • The history of the problem;
    • The people affected by the problem;
    • The relevance or importance of the problem.
  • Explains why each is a problem to the proposal’s particular audience.


Section 4:  Your Team’s Plan to Solve the Problem, you may need do some research

  • Presents your team’s plan for solving the problem.
  • Shows a basic awareness of counter proposals.
  • Summarizes reasons why these are the right methods to achieve the solution.


4) Please read the file I upload to understand the topic and 

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