Workplace writing assignment


HRD Assignment 1 Workplace Analysis

Assignments #1 and #4 will focus on an organization. This organization should be a place where you have worked, whether currently or in the past, or could be an organization a relative or friend works for (if it is the latter, then you will need to set aside time to interview them so you can complete your assignments.

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Assignment #1 is called a Workplace Analysis. In this assignment, you will tell me about the following key organizational concepts. Should actual (documented) concepts not exist (ex. not every organization has a mission statement, but they should), then suggest what they might be. Should you find the following concepts to be new to you, please spend

some time on Google looking for definitions and examples. Please include the following in Assignment #1.

– Name of the organization (this will be kept confidential) – Industry
– Location
– estimated size of workforce

– Mission Statement
– Vision Statement
– Competitors
– Core Beliefs/Guiding Principles/Pillars of Success
Finally, provide a summary of the type of Training and Development activities the organization uses. Some examples may include training, new employee training, computer training, professional development conferences, pro devo reading (and possibly rewards), employee of the month recognition programs, mentoring, coaching, etc.

This assignment is due Sunday of Week 2.

Post your completed assignment to the Workplace Analysis Drop Box under Activities and Assignments in Module 1. 

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