Wk2 Dis/Sg

According to Hamric and Hanson (2019), the National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties (NONPF) is devoted to endorsing high-quality nurse practitioner education. The fact that NP provides care to the nation, nurse practitioners education has to be evidenced-based and relevant. NONPF also published domains which are core competencies for my chosen role as an NP. The focus was placed on nine specific areas in which this author will elaborate on how this nurse plans to masters and integrate and own these core competencies.

The scientific foundation involves analytic data, theory, and practice. With knowing relevant data to my practice, this nurse will be able to provide evidence-based care and also help to develop strategies base on research to help my population. leadership capabilities with practice give me the confidence to improve outcomes, be involved in a professional organization, able to collaborate with diverse stakeholders.

Advocating to improve quality and outcomes. Having an understanding of how resources are important this nurse plan to implement quality competencies by cost, accessibility, and safe healthcare services. Practice inquiry competencies will be ongoing initiatives for this nurse to integrate clinic knowledge into practice. using technology and literacy to guide decision making along with scientific knowledge into clinical practice.

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understanding and using guiding ethical principles as it relates to the policy will further build this nurse accountability. working with organizational practices and complex systems in improving care and fostering partnerships. Applying and providing independent practice will help this nurse to gain further confidence in applying everything that was taught.

Base on my attributes of always trying to inspire, encourage, and motivate. This nurse sees herself as a transformational leader.

According to Hamric and Hanson (2019), transformational leaders aspire to bring change that will be beneficial to all parties involved. dynamic developments of change will occur when one transitions to a new role. consistency, predictability, stability, familiarity, and success are all elements of transition, according to Hamric and Hanson (2019). This nurse is working hard to be a product of success, I find myself trying to think like an NP at my current job, asking myself why questions and applying evidence-based practices.  With a strong foundation, I believe I’m s building much-needed skills and attributes to provide exceptional care.