What types of consequences can follow from people having more choices of what media they consume?

The media we consume affects us, but we also affet it.  Most people think that they perceive truth objectively, as it is.  However, we all see things from a point of view.  Futhermore, people tend to seek media that supports their points of view.  This can serve to futher entrench us in a more narrow way of looking at things while at the same time making us feel more certain that our point of view is objective and neutral.  We also learned in Ch 8 that peole have biases (such as the confimation bias) that make it hard for them to embrace ideas that contradict with their own point of view.  This week’s discussion seeks to explore how we can free ourselve from tenedencies.

Prepare:  Before addressing this discusion, take a look at the following about relationiship between media and ideology. [Link to http:/www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4-XVZ7GQ8].  Make sure you know about “Meida and Mediated Images”

Reflect:  Think about the ways in which poople consumemedia that supports their own points of view.  Consider what we might do to learn to think more objectively and see things from multiple points of view.  

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Write:  Answer the following questions:  In waht ways are peole manipulated by the media they consume?  Make sure to give specific examples?  What types of consequences can follow from people having more choices of what media they consume?  Do we control or media or does it control us?  What can people do to break free from media hpnosis and have borader, more objective points of view?  In what ways might we stirive to overcome confirmaiton bias?  Address anything else that you find releveant and intersting in the chapter and the video.  Please list sources .  Do not message me if you are not committed.  I need this by this Thursday.  it’s only a discussion.