What other type of assessment might have been appropriate and why?

DISCUSSION 250 WORDSEvaluating and Reflecting Upon Early Childhood Assessment

This week, you will choose an artifact to evaluate your understanding of assessment and reflect upon your learning and fulfillment of this course/program outcome: CE499-3: Observation and Assessment: Evaluate developmentally appropriate observation and assessment techniques to inform instructional planning for children and their families. (BSEC-3)

Most of you will have completed CE300: Observation and Assessment in Early Childhood where you practiced assessment activities in the Unit 2, Unit 6 and Unit 9 Assignments. In addition, the CE310 or CE320 Unit 9 Assignments would be appropriate artifacts. If you did not take any of these courses, please choose an assessment that you have completed from another course or in your professional role.

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Please discuss the following based on the Assignment you chose:

  1. What age or grade level was the child you assessed? What type of assessment did you do (e.g. anecdotal record, ABC Analysis, Developmental Checklist, running record, portfolio, rubric, etc.)?
  2. What other type of assessment might have been appropriate and why?
  3. What did you learn from performing this assessment?
  4. What more would you like to know?