Week 6 DQ’s 1 and 2 ( A Plus – Writer)


Week 6 – Discussion 1


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Using Student Data for Instructional Improvement


Following your last lesson, you discover only 60% of your students met the learning outcome. Not only did they demonstrate a lack of understanding through non-written, observable formative assessments, but the data from their assignment as scored through use of a rubric revealed the majority of the class did not meet the objective.

Using one of the two instructional plans you previously created, determine the following:


  • How you will identify particular areas of need/misunderstanding (what will you look for? See Chapter 6 from Ward, Fischer, Frey, & Lapp).
  • How you will address and re-teach with differentiation, so students meet the learning objective?
  • How you will employ students in the process of self-reflection and identifying areas of misunderstanding?
  • How you will reassess for the learning objective?
  • How will these instructional adjustments better prepare them for the impending summative assessment?


Guided Response: Respond to at least two classmates’ posts and provide specific feedback regarding their analysis and ideas for differentiation, student reflection, and reassessment.


Week 6 – Discussion 2


The Impact of Differentiated Instruction and Assessment


View the video Differentiating with learning menus. Use Voicethread, Present.meJing or YouTube to create either an audio or video discussion of the following and post the link from whichever digital tool you used in your response:


  • How was the teacher able to assess for the ultimate goal of students reading, writing, thinking, and speaking critically about global topics?
  • How does her lesson show she is preparing her students for multiple assessment types?
  • How does student choice play a part of her differentiated instruction?
  • Share one new idea from this lesson and how you could use it or modify it for your own instruction.


Guided Response: View a minimum of two video or audio discussions. Respond to the author directly in their forum of choice, if possible, AND in writing by replying to their initial post in the forum. Were there common perceptions between you? Provide specific feedback regarding their idea for using some of the techniques in this lesson.


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