Week 6 discussion 1 reflecting on your coursework | EDU 696 Capstone II: Culminating Project | Ashford University

 See full work assignment attached 

This discussion is your opportunity to receive feedback on the Week Six Final Paper and Folio Assignment. Remember, submitting this information earlier in the week is advised to allow peers and the instructor ample time to offer feedback to you that you can use to revise your final assignment before submission.

Initial Post – In your initial post, I will attempt to submit a link to your Folio from the Week Six Assignment and attach your of the draft document final assignment to the message. In the message of your initial post:

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  • In  at least one paragraph, discuss your takeaways from this course. What new learning transpired for you in this course? What will you carry with you  to your current or future classroom?
  • In  at least one paragraph, discuss how action research can influence educational change within the classroom, district, and nationwide.