Week 4 individual Computer Science Prof ONLY

Expand your design document and update your existing website to integrate changes based on instructor feedback.

Update your website to include a simple web form as discussed in your design document. Use JavaScript to validate the form contents and display the results of that validation to the user in a popup window.

Submit the completed website as a compressed zip file. 

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This is the teachers feedback

Your written portion describes your intention for your site quite well. Your inclusion of the added images offers a very nice interaction to your site pages. The additional pages of your site, your navigation menu and links, and your CSS, all add to a quality working website. I also like your idea of the website, itself. Your site exhibits consistency upon the site pages. Your idea of having a simple layout is very effective for the site. I would like to have seen some inclusion of what we have been reading and learning throughout the week within your written portion, along with some APA citations added in a resource section. Other than that, your site is very clean and neat, and meets the target audience that you describe. I look forward to seeing more of your site develop. Keep up the great work!

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