Week 13- Chapter 12


Criteria for answers:

1) Direct reference to the chapter’s laws/regulations (Employment Laws, Case Law, Statutes) 

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2) Direct reference to the chapter’s concepts (discrimination, ethics, social responsibility) 

3) Quotes from the text. 

4) Personal opinions based on an analysis of the above. 5) Each answer should be a paragraph (or a minimum of 5-7 sentences long) 


1.  Read this week’s ethical dilemma. What would you do? pg323

2. Vermont is an ‘at-will’ employer state. What does that mean for staff and the overall disciplinary process? 

3. What method(s) of discipline does your employer, or HR dept use? Is it effective? 

4.  Sometimes downsizing can’t save a company. Explain.

5.  What is progressive discipline and how does it work?

6. What are some of the potential problems of administering disciplinary action? 

7.  Describe and give examples of the ‘hot stove rule’

8.  Explain “discipline without punishment”, are there circumstances when this might be an effective alternative to traditional disciplinary action? 

9.  Why is it critical to have, and follow, a grievance procedure? 

10.  Why is termination different for executives than for non-managerial staff? 

11. What are the pros and cons of offering a demotion vs. termination to an employee? 

12.  Discuss the different types of organizational movement that staff can experience within a company. 

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