Week 11 Learning Lab


Discuss with a supervisor, co-worker or someone you know about what their understanding is of how leadership character can impact your organization.


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Leadership character is very important for an organization. a supervisor should demostrate character when running an organization, such as being a good leader to the employees, show a good example of being honest, such as letting the employees know how the organization or company is doing if the company is doing good or if the company is doing bad, being honest will also bring trust from the employees and they will like they are a part of the company and not just an employee to be there to get certain things done to make the company money and the do not matter for anything else. co-workers or employees should also show character, such as being honest also, they should let each other know how they feel, if they need extra help, let someone know, do be scared and lie that everything is fine and let your work suffer because of it. So I believe being honest would be the number one thing in building leadership character.

Respond to the question and comment. Respond must be 150 word initial post comment and question.

Label the question and comment seperately.

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