Week 10 (Mar 15 – 21) Leading People and Organizations


Describe behaviors that effective leaders demonstrate. Provide examples.


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An effective leader demonstrates a plethora of behaviors. They should demonstrate kindness,respect, honesty, firmness, understanding, and flexibility. I believe all of these behaviors work hand and hand with one another. You have to be kind and respectful when it comes to your employees and customers/clients. You have to be able to show the amount of respect you want in return. Not everyone is going to return it to you but you have to show it for yourself. For an example you may have an employee that is having a rough morning, your kindness and respect could be just the thing to turn their day around. Then moving on to honesty and firmness. In order to be a great leader, you must be honest and have integrity about yourself. The organization expects you to be an example for the employees as well as bring honor to their company. When dealing with money transactions this is especially true. You have to be able to handle money and deal with customers with the upmost dignity and integrity. As far as firmness, you have to be firm with both the customers and your employees when you’re a leader. Yes, you should show kindness, but you cant allow your kindness to be taken advantage of. You have to be sure that your employees know that you mean what you say. If you ask them to do something, you expect it to be done within the time allot. With flexibility, i believe that comes with being understanding. You must understand that employees have lives and families outside of the job. An employee may be having a sensitive situation going on at home and need to leave or maybe they just aren’t feeling well. You have to be flexible enough to send them home and still get the job done.  

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