Week 10 Learning Lab


Examine your leadership style. Which behaviors are you more likely to demonstrate? Which decision making style are you more likely to use and why? Indicate if your supervisor, coworker or others you know agree with your conclusions.


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I believe I have multiple styles of leaderships. I can be pacesetting and affiliative, as well as democratic. I love to work with my employees one on one. Teaching them the things that they may not have known while observing the tasks they say they already know how to do. I like to show my employees that we can work as a team, we can get anything accomplished. My thought process is that if they see me working hard to get things done, it would motivate them to work just as hard. I can honestly say that this has not always worked out in favor though. With the type of employees I have encountered, most usually take advantage of the fact that I don’t mind working a long side them versus just telling them what to do. I also find myself wanting their opinion when it comes to setting goals on what should be done through put the day. This has help a little more than me working with my crew. From my experience, they like having their opinions matter. 

As far as decision making, I would say I have a conceptual and behavioral style. I try to take all the facts into consideration before making a decision. I hate confrontation so I constantly take the high road and try to figure out different ways to solve issues. When I comes to how I react to things, I try to take my time before reacting or speaking on a situation. 

Respond to the question and comment. Respond must be 150 word initial post comment and question.

Label the question and comment seperately.

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