Week 05 Written Assignment – Case Scenarios (Introduction to Healthcare Administration)

he following case scenarios put you in the position of a health services manager! Read the scenarios below, and compose a 2-3 paragraph double-spaced response for each scenario. Incorporate concepts and terms from reading assignments and lecture notes that have been covered in Weeks 01-05.


Cite your sources using APA style guidelines. If you need assistance with APA, please visit the Online Library which is accessible through the Resources tab.

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Scenario One:

You recently started a job as the manager of a small clinic in a rural area. You’ve learned that the current assistant manager also applied for your job and is very unhappy about not getting the position. She has been undermining your authority in the clinic and often goes behind your back to do things her way. How can you resolve this problem and start working together as a management team?

Scenario Two:

You are the CEO of a 300-bed hospital in a suburban community. The facility has been operating with its current mission statement since it first opened its doors fifteen years ago. During the last meeting of the board of directors, it was decided that the current statement no longer reflects the purpose and philosophy of the facility. Many changes have occurred, and the hospital has experienced tremendous growth in size and scope in recent years. The determination has been made to revise and/or rewrite the mission statement so that it more accurately describes what the organization is today. How would you go about revising and/or rewriting the mission statement? What sort of process would you use? Who would be involved?

Scenario Three:

You recently were appointed leader of an existing team of which you were not an original member. After your first few meetings with the team, you left feeling like nothing was accomplished during your time together. Team members showed up for the meeting late, no decisions were reached, and you had a general sense that no one wanted to be there. What are some things that are wrong or missing from this team process? What would you do to improve the effectiveness and functioning of the team? What steps or actions need to be taken in order to do so?


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