Web Store Implementation and Maintenance Plan


Assignment Content

  1. Imagine this scenario: Pine Valley Furniture’s board of directors is ready to review how to implement and maintain the new WebStore system. 

    Create a 6- to 8-page APA formatted implementation and maintenance plan in Microsoft® Word® for the new WebStore in which you:

    • Recommend an installation strategy (referring to Chapter 13 of “Structuring System Process Requirements” from Modern Systems Analysis and Design) (i.e., direct, parallel, single-location, or phased installation) for Pine Valley Furniture’s student furniture WebStore.
    • Justify your recommendation by stating the advantages and disadvantages in comparison to the 3 other installation strategies and describe why your recommendation would be the best for Pine Valley Furniture’s student furniture WebStore.
    • Summarize the information needed for the documentation that you would suggest creating for the Pine Valley Furniture WebsStore project to:
    • Document the system
    • Train and support users
    • Summarize the information needed for the Pine Valley Furniture project’s system testing plan.
    • Briefly describe the activities needed for the Pine Valley Furniture WebsStore project’s testing plan elements.
    • Summarize Pine Valley Furniture WebsStore WebStore’s maintenance needs, including:
    • Alternate organizational structures
    • Quality measurement
    • Processes for handling change requests
    • Configuration management
    • Please make sure your material is specific for the Pine Valley Furniture project and not just generic material

      Provide any references and citations according to APA guidelines. Please review the Center for Writing Excellence material regarding references, citations, paraphrasing, plagiarism and the Student Code of Academic Integrity. To sum this up, proper references and citations are needed for all of your work – just having a list of References at the end is not sufficient.

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      Please note that this assignment is graded according to a standard rubric. Please review the grading rubric to begin organizing your assignment. It clearly defines expectations and is what your faculty member will use to grade your submission.

      Submit your assignment.

      Please note that I do not consider simply parroting back material from another source to be sufficient – you will need to provide your material in your own words and discuss or describe how any external material you provide relates to the scenario. Also, please make sure you properly paraphrase, quote, reference and cite any material you are discussing. 

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