View Power Point “Introduction to the Holocaust, Steps to Genocide 1933 – 1945” and answer questions

Please note: 

The statements and images in this power point are startling and graphic.  They represent an overview of the developement and implementation of state sponsored genocide.  It provides a view into an era marked by incredible inhumane treatment of people identified as “other.”  The purpose of sharing this power point is to help you understand the time period and actions of people involved in the Holocaust.

Please answer the following questions as you work through this power point.   Once you are done,  use the AEIOU graphic organizer to reflect on what you have learned.

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  1.  What was the Holocaust? 
  2. Define “genocide.” 
  3. Besides the Jews, what were some other target groups during the Holocaust? 
  4. What do you notice about the testimony of Martin Niermoller on slide 5? 
  5. Look at the examples of camp inmate markings on slide 6.  What do the different colors signify? 
  6. According to the power point, what are the three steps to genocide? 
  7. Look at the graph with the arrows on slide 11.  How do these actions represent an escalation in hate? 
  8. What is “anti-Semitism”? 
  9. How did eugenicists plan to create a “master race”? 
  10. What kinds of things happened during the early period of Jewish discrimination in Germany? 
  11. What were the “Nuremburg Laws”? (slide 29) 
  12. What happened when the Jews tried to leave Germany? 
  13. Look at the map on slide 36.  What do you notice about the time and locations of ghettos in Occupied Europe? 
  14. Describe what happened in the Warsaw Ghetto. 
  15. Describe the role of SS Officer Adolf Eichmann in “The Final Solution.” 

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