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Please answer 5 of the 7 questions below. You must complete the question in a word document. Remember that the short answer questions are to be written in essay format, point form answers are not acceptable. Each question should between 1-3 pages long. Remember, I’m looking for quality answers over quantity, so make sure your answers are clear and concise. Try to use examples to illustrate a point you are making.


1. Discuss the principal feature of democratic government and non-democratic government. Give an example of each.

2. Identify the possible conditions and consequences of state failure. Give an example of a state that has failed and why?

3. Define the concept of social contract. Discuss Hobbes, Locke, or Rousseau (select only on theorist) concept of social contract and how government is formed according to the theorist you selected. Make sure you discuss state of nature and human nature in your answer.

4. Discuss the difference between capitalism and socialism. Give an example of each.

5. Define the terms neo-conservative and neo-liberal and discuss their significance in contemporary western liberal democracies.

6. Discuss the following concepts: state, nation, and multinational state. Given example of multinational state.

7. What is political culture? How do the various agents of political socialization shape political culture and identity?


Paper format:


Provide at least 5 references (one for each question).



Please let me know if you need more clarifications. Good luck!

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