UON Case InstructionsReview the UON Case Study Guidelines as well as the excel data from the survey sent to 1500…

UON Case Instructions Review the UON Case Study Guidelines as well as the excel data from the survey sent to 1500 ostemy patients (both are attached to this assignment). Once you are familiar with the data content and overall case, answer the following based on pivot tables you create or other statistical tools. The paper will answer the questions and provide recommendations and should be no longer than 6 pages. Pivot tables and appendix can be longer. UON Case The directors of UON feel that the key to their decision making is the demographic profile of the sample, information as to where the sample currently gets its health care information, information as to the provisions determined by the key health care opinion leaders, and other recommendations based on the data. They are expecting the analysis will provide answers to the following questions along with supporting analysis: 1. Does the survey satisfy the goal of obtaining a demographic profile of the general ostomy population within the US and Canada? Provide pivot tables and descriptive statistics are required to support the answer. All pivot tables must include n and percent. a.what is the gender distribution of the sample? b.provide descriptive statistics of age of the survey respondent, age by stoma type, and age by gender. c.provide descriptive statistics of the length of time since their surgery. How many of these are less than three years post surgery. d.provide a pivot table of type of stoma by originating diagnosis. Hint: use an Excel function to combine stoma types (Q3_1 thought Q3_5 ) into a single variable. e.provide a pivot table of the frequency of permanent and temporary stomas. f.provide a pivot table of expected and unexpected surgeries. g.provide a pivot table of the respondents current health status. h.provide a pivot tables showing Q9 (How much do you think having a stoma affects your life) by Q10 (Have you adapted to living with a stoma). 2. Where does this sample currently get its health care information? a.Does the sample consider itself well informed about their stoma? Provide a pivot table of Q19. b.Where do they currently get their information? Provide pivot tables of Q22_1 through Q22_4. How many respondents do none of these? c.What is their primary source of new ostomy information? Provide frequencies of Q23_1 through Q23_8. 3. Key health care opinion leaders in a focus group determined that the UON should provide stoma management and support services, support services for complications of stoma management such as hernias and skin irritation or infection, support with ordering stoma management products, counseling in support of stoma management, and support with health insurance related to the stoma. What information do you have that this should be pursued? a.Provide a pivot table of Q24 (The very last time you asked a health care professional about the management of your stoma, did you receive useful information?). b.Provide a pivot table that cross-tabulates Q25 and Q26 (Many health care organizations provide stoma management and support services. If an organization provides health care information and support related to stoma management, how important is this to you? by How satisfied are you with the stoma management and support information you currently receive?) c.Provide pivot tables to determine the importance of Q27 through Q30. d.Provide a pivot table to determine the frequency of those that have sough help via the internet (Q31). Recommendations to the directors of the UON: Flower and the directors are anxiously awaiting your finding on the demographic profile of the general ostomy population within the US and Canada, and whether or not you believe they should proceed with their plans to restructure the website, and if yes, to provide recommendations as how to best do this. There are two attachments to go with this that I can send.

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