Unfair dissmisal

Case Study: Tix-Box

Cassie has worked for the last three years for Tix-Box, a ticket sales company based 

in Brick Lane. She started with the company in the role of Box Office Assistant. A 

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year ago, as Cassie had achieved excellent sales and demonstrated top-class 

customer service skills, she was promoted to the role of Assistant Box Office 


In common with her 11 colleagues Cassie works a five-day shift pattern from Monday 

to Saturday. As part of her duties she answers telephone queries, describes events 

and venues, advises on seating and other matters and takes payment by credit or 

debit card. She records data on a computerised booking system using her own login 

profile. The Box Office Manager, Deborah, has universal access via her administrator 


It is a busy office but at certain times (such as the first few hours of the booking 

period for a particularly popular show or artist) bookings come in so fast that the work 

can be very stressful for Cassie and her colleagues. 

The Head of Finance, Edward, receives a sales report every month. As well as giving 

financial figures the report gives a breakdown of each staff member’s ticket sales. 

In 2012 the company were hired to handle bookings for the Merlinspike Festival, an 

alternative arts event held in Devon over five days in May. The headline acts were 

Adelaide, The Rollright Stones and eco-rappers Gandalf and the Hobbits. Demand 

for tickets was unprecedented and Tix-Box had to take on extra staff in order to 

handle the large number of bookings.

After the event the festival organisers contacted Tix-Box because security staff had 

noticed overcrowding in parts of the festival site. An investigation showed that the 

number of tickets collected by security staff was more than the number allocated to 

Tix-Box. The discrepancy amounted to 250 tickets.

Deborah subsequently carried out an audit which revealed that, during the relevant 

booking period, printer records showed an unusually large number classified as 

either ‘rejected’ or ‘printer-test tickets’. When Deborah cross-referenced the printer 

data with the computer terminal data she found Cassie’s log-in details. The total 

number of anomalous tickets was 203.

Deborah prepared a report for Edward. Having read the report, Edward called Cassie 

to his office. Cassie vehemently denied that she had done anything wrong. There 

was a heated exchange which ended with Edward saying: “Get out. I don’t ever want 

to see you here again”. A few minutes later Cassie left the Tix-Box building.

Tix-Box has recently received an ET1 form in which Cassie claims that she has been 

unfairly dismissed.


Advise Edward on the merits of Cassie’s claim. You must explain the legal 

issues relating to the unfair dismissal claim and advise Edward whether or not 

Cassie potentially has a case.Page 3 of 3

In your answer you are required to refer to the relevant legislation and case 



(Use this as a checklist before submission)

 Clear explanation of the relevant law including case law

 Application of the law to the case study

 good structure and clear presentation

 Relevant conclusions and recommendations

 Appropriate references and bibliography

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