Topic 2: Nursing Strong Throughout Time

Question Description

Compare and contrast three nursing advocates that have brought about change to public policy. What changes need to be made in the future to be successful as a profession of nursing advocates for healthcare policy reform?

textbook Readings

Policy and Politics for Nurses and Other Health Professionals

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  • Chapter 1: “Nursing’s History of Advocacy and Action”
  • Chapter 2: “Policy and Politics Explained”
  • Chapter 3: “A Policy Toolkit for Healthcare Providers and Activists”
  • Chapter 5: “Nurses: Leading Change to Improve Health and Health Care”

Journal Readings

Please retrieve and read the following journal articles from the Kaplan University Library. Articles can be located through a search in the CINAHL database, OVID database, Kaplan University Library (links to these are located under the Kaplan Academic Tools), or by using the link at the end of the reference if provided.

Story, C. R., Crethar, H. C., & Hall, P. T. (2014). Privilege, oppression and the Affordable Care Act: Cultural implications for health educators. American Journal of Health Studies29(4), 302–308.