There is some evidence that high school students justify cheating in

12. A researcher report from an F-ratio with df=3, 36 from an independent-measures research study?
A. How many treatment conditions were compared in the study?
B. What was the total number of participants in the study?

14. There is some evidence that high school students justify cheating in class on the bias of poor teacher skills or low levels of teaching caring (Murdock, Miller, and Kohlhardt, 2004). Students appear to rationalize their illicit behavior based on perceptions of how their teachers view cheating. Poor teachers are thought not to know or care whether students cheat, so cheating in their classed is okay. Good teachers, on the other hand, do care and are alert to cheating, so students tend not to cheat in their classed. Following are hypothetical data similar to the actual research results. The scores represent judgment of the acceptability of cheating for the students in each sample.

n=6 n=8 n=10 n=24 
M=6 M=2 M=2 G=72
SS=30 SS=33 SS=42 EX2 =393

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. Use an ANOVA with a=.05 to determine whether there are significant differences in student judgments depending on how they see their teachers.
. Calculate n2 to measure the effect size for this study.
. Write a sentence demonstrating how a research report would present the results of the hypothesis test and the measure of effect size.

22. There is some researcher indicating that college students who use facebook while studying tend to have lower grades than non-users (Kirschner & Karpinski, 2010). A representative study surveys students to determine the amount of Facebook use during the time they are studying or doing homework. Based on the amount of time spent on Facebook, students are classified into three groups and their grade point averages are recorded. The following data show the typical pattern of results.

Facebook use while studying

Non-User Rarely use Regularly Use
3.70?3.51? 3.02
3.45 3.42 2.84
2.98 3.81 3.42
3.94 3.15 3.10 
3.82 3.64 2.74 
3.68 3.20 3.22
3.90 2.95 2.58 
4.00 3.55 3.07
3.75 3.92 3.31
3.88 3.45 2.80

. Use a Anova with a =.05 determine whether there are a significant mean differences among the three groups
Compute n2 to measure the size of the effect
. Write a sentence demonstrating how the result from the hypothesis test and the measure of effect size would appear in a research report.