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Précis/Proposal (5%)

A précis is a very short synopsis of an argument. In this case, identify an event from the recent past in the Middle East that has an impact on political, social, or economic relationships around the world. This can be a nationalization of enterprises, hostile action by a government toward a specific firm or group of firms, an unscheduled transfer of power (coup, revolution, etc.), or a period of instability (unsuccessful revolt, terrorism, civil strife). Alternately, it can be the threat of instability or government action that never materialized. Identify an approximate time period where the events occurred. If you have not done political risk analysis before, the following citations provide a useful introduction.

Jarvis, Darryl S. L. and Martin Griffiths, “Learning to Fly: The Evolution of Political Risk Analysis,” Global Society 21, No. 1 (January 2007): 5-21

Ormerod, Paul and Shawn Riordan. “A New Approach to the Analysis of Geo-Political Risk,” Diplomacy and Statecraft 15, No. 4 (2004): 643–654. (Available on Blackboard)

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This single page double spaced


Case Summary (12.5%)

Gather as much evidence as possible from the year preceding the event you have selected and synthesize and analyze the evidence (both news accounts and any statistical data that may be relevant) to look for trends, themes, or patterns. This preliminary analysis should provide a clear, concise, and structured summary of the case you have selected. At a minimum, this section will include the statement of problem, the objectives of the paper, and your methodology for the final paper. You may include preliminary qualitative or quantitative assessments in this section depending on your case. This section will be approximately seven (7) pages double spaced.




Suggested Topic: How Turkey’s conflict with the PKK is both affecting its status as a developed state, its economy, and the rest of the worlds view of it, as well as weather turkeys claims against the pkk are true, and if they are how the hostilities started.


If you have any other topics in mind, I would be glad to hear them.



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