The Flight if the Phoenix

Assignment Overview:

Rent the film, The Flight of the Phoenix (there are at least two versions of it in town).  As you view the film, analyze the group discussions and interactions dramatized in the film. Take notes that will provide you with specific examples to illustrate concepts related to small group communication. 

Issues for Analysis:

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Your analysis of the jury’s process should address each of the five issues listed below (each section is worth 2 points). Describe in detail, specific examples from the film to support your conclusions.

1. Leadership
Describe two different approaches to leadership represented on the jury. What theory or theories do you think best explain(s) the leadership of this group?

2. Participation
Describe the task, maintenance and self-centered roles represented in the film. What were some of the participation problems confronted by the group? How did the group deal with these problems?

3. Group Climate
Describe the communication climate throughout most of the jury’s deliberations. What specific verbal and nonverbal behaviors contributed to this climate?

4. Conflict
Provide examples of ego, simple/substantive/issue, and pseudo conflict. What were some of the conflict styles of group members? How successfully do you think conflicts were resolved in the group?

5. Groupthink
Provide an example of how groupthink was present in the film as well as how group think was addressed successfully or unsuccessfully.

Due Date is 10/10/13 @ 10 pm MST.

To receive full credit, your answers must be substantial and well supported with specific examples from the film.  Your paper should be at least 3 pages long (12 point Arial font, 1.25 margins, double spaced), not including the title page.

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