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  •  Technologies evolve, but sex and violence have always been–and may remain–hot-button issues in the media.
  • Write a paper of at least 1,400 words that addresses related issues as follows:

    • Discuss how media communication changed over the past 50 years or so to bring about different kinds of portrayals of sex and violence in society.
    • Explain how the negative effects of sex and violence on adults and children have increased as a result of changes in media technology and presentation. Provide examples and cite at least one source that supports your opinion.
    • Make specific recommendations about how the problems of media portrayal of sex and violence might be minimized.
    • Examine how the immediacy of media involving sex and violence affects your own interpersonal communication. How is the development of intimacy within interpersonal relationships related to the volume and accessibility of media portrayals of sex and violence?
    • What recommendations based on your research of law and ethics can you propose in relation to the accessibility and proliferation of images of sex and violence?
    • Discuss the extent to which proposed laws to control sex and violence in the media might run afoul of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.
    • Examine the home page or landing page of a mainstream online news source. Examine the imagery used on the entire page, including any advertisements. Discuss the diversity of the people portrayed. How are women represented? How are people of color represented?
  • Cite at least three different peer-reviewed outside sources, in addition to the online news source. Please list your sources on an APA format References page at the end of the document.

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