Topic: Assessment (Families)

Lesson 5 Discussion

After reviewing the readings/video, please consider the following for your discussion post:
•    What are some alternative assessment strategies you would need to consider when working with a family as opposed to an individual client?
•    How do you think dynamics within the family would impact your engagement with them?
•    How could a Social Worker’s own family experience influence their work with a family?

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Reading Resources

The Comprehensive Family Assessment Process https://www.childwelfare.gov/pubPDFs/family_assessment_23.pdf

(Riggs, A. (2012 Nov 29). Beginning treatment assessing the family dynamics. . YouTube:

Lesson 6 Discussion

After reviewing the above readings, please consider the following in your response:

· Please share any experience you have with treatment planning.

· What do you need to consider when developing a treatment plan with a client?

· What do you need to consider with regard to the stages of change and your work with clients?


Setting Measurable Goals and Objectives: https://eslayter.pressbooks.com/chapter/chapter-1-setting-measurable-goals-and-objectives/ (Links to an external site.)

Treatment Planning: http://file.lacounty.gov/SDSInter/dmh/1075174_Handout-TreatmentPlanningModule.pdf (Links to an external site.)

Stages of Change: https://www.socialworker.com/feature-articles/field-placement/the-stages-of-change-a-model-for-social-work-students-in-field-placement/

Lesson 6 Assignment- 


Please choose one of the following vignettes to complete this assignment.

Tanya is a 10-year-old Hispanic, female who was referred by her teacher to meet with the School Social Worker. Tanya’s teacher reported that Tanya often plays by herself at recess and lunch and always seems nervous around the other children in her classroom. Tanya is reserved and feels anxious about meeting with the Social Worker. 


Samantha is a 30-year-old, Hispanic female who has just lost custody of her two children (ages 3, 5). Child Protective Services (CPS) became involved after a neighbor reported concerns of neglect and substance use by Samantha. Samantha confirmed regular use of methamphetamine though reported wanting to get help for her children. CPS also found that there was limited food in the home and other safety concerns.  The neighbors also reported the children were often outside for extended periods of time without supervision. The children have temporarily been placed in a foster home.

Using one of the above vignettes, please complete the treatment plan based on this information. You may find it helpful to role-play the scenario with someone you know.

Please make sure to double-check spelling and grammar before submitting.

For this assignment, please use the following treatment plan template-ATTACHED. 

Please list three potential SMART treatment goals and complete all sections of the treatment plan (problems, goals, and interventions). 

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