Subject:  ELL Placement AssessmentsCourse: ESL  English Language Learners/ SEI Structured English EmmersionEssay: 750-1000 words on interview questions and answers. I interviewed…

Subject:  ELL Placement Assessments

Course: ESL  English Language Learners/ SEI Structured English Emmersion

Essay: 750-1000 words on interview questions and answers.

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 I interviewed a ELL teacher already.  Q stand for question and A stand for Answer

1. Q: What placement test are used?

A:  The WAPT- Weda Accesss Placement Test.

2.Q: Who conducts the tests?

A:  The teacher gives students their test.

3. Q: What method is used for ongoing classroom assessment?

A: Observations, Quizzes, formative assessment tries to support the teachers.

4. Q: How us progress measured in the classroom assessment?

A: Yearly test called the assessment test.

5. Q: How is oral language assessed?

A: Has language listening, speaking, reading and writing.  In terms of formal langiage speaking on a daily today speaking formal language.  If their are areas of trouble the teacher will go over trouble shooting with students.

6. Q: How is standized testing handled?

A: By the teachers around February each year.

7. Q: How is exit testing completed in school/district?

A: A measure of growth in February isf the student reaches a level 5 placement.  They exit at a level 5.


Instructions:  Write a 750-1000 word essay based on the interview answers.

In addition, include a section discussing whether you believe that the exiting process and monitoring is sufficient.  

Cite at least three APA references that support your findings.

Please have essay free from Plagarism.


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