Student population

21st Century Instructional Plan: Student Population


Part 1: Instructional Plan Design 

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This week you will construct a new instructional plan by considering your student population. Regardless of grade level, your class consists of 27 students. Of those, two are diagnosed with specific learning disabilities (SLD) in reading and math. One student has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Moreover, you just received a student last week who is not fluent in English (ELL). Your school follows a full English immersion program. Therefore, you and the student are getting very little “extra” support.

Synthesize what you have learned thus far by developing a new or continuing instructional plan utilizing one of the templates provided below. It is practical to construct a lesson that would naturally occur after the previous lesson plan you designed in Week Three—a continuation of the lesson but with different instructional strategies and student activities/assessments. If you select this approach, your lesson cannot be a replica of last week’s plan. Remember, your  lesson should be designed to occur during a single class period  that lasts anywhere between approximately 30 and 90 minutes in length and focuses on content pertaining to either English/Language arts or Math. Do not construct a unit of instruction.

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