Strategic Plan

Project Report #1 — Identify the Company

The major focus of this course will be writing a strategic plan. You can choose a brick and mortar (traditional) business — including such industries as health care or not-for-profits, Internet-based business, or a company that blends the two (brick & click). This week you will do your research that will result in your selection of the type of business you will use in formulating a strategic plan.


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  • Identify at least two possible companies for the focus of course strategic planning project. This will allow you some flexibility in choosing your final company by the end of the week.


  • If you are using your place of work, please include a letter of support from your immediate supervisor, verifying that you have permission for this project.


  • For those who are comparing and contrasting two possibilities, it is your job this week to complete preliminary research which ensures that you will have required information on the existing companies.

  • Ability to complete internal and external analysis of competitive strategies
  • Ability to accurately summarize current company standings in the business community
  • Access to annual reports containing current mission statement, financials, goals and objectives, etc.
  • Current customers and competitors
  • Submit a two-page (double-spaced) overview of the company. Include reasons why you chose the company and an overview of your research that contributed to your choice.

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