Storing information from a text file into a linked list (c++) so the user can consult the information..

The objective of the work is to do a program in C++, to consult the information of various projects belonging to companies to crowdfunding.

So first every project information, belonging to x company (two or more projects can belong to the same company) will be included in a text file with the following ( theres more that one project per text file): 


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Company name:

Name of the man in charge:

Project duration (in months):








General expenses:

·         This part is just a text file, including the information of all projects that need to be consulted by the user, not needed to be implemented into the code.

Now into the program:

First the user must be able to input the name of what text file he wants to read the information from.

Then the infomation of each project must be stored into a linked list.

Each project should have his own code ( can be sequential, ie. Project1-> code:1 , Project2-> code:2…., being 1 and 2 the respective code.)

The user should be able:

 to see all the projects that are in the text file that the user previously put the name of, ordered by the title name;

To search for a certain project by inputing their code;

To search for projects by inputing the company name, (ie. If two projects belong to the same company, the user will see the two projects, searching by x company);


Every extra function implemented in the program (ie. Validation, remotion of a project) will be a plus for the teacher.

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