(statistics) project 3 and 4 ( i need this in one hr)


This project is to be completed using EXCEL and submitted as an EXCEL spreadsheet.


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1.  Collect a qualitative data set and tell me where and how you collected it.  (10 points)

2.  Construct a frequency table.  (10 points)

3.  Construct a relative frequency column.  (5 points)

4.  Construct a percent frequency column.  (5 points)

5.  Construct a bar chart.  (5 points)

6.  Construct a pie chart.  (5 points)

7.  Select a category with a frequency greater than or equal to 5 and find the point estimate of the proportion. (5 points)

8.  Find the estimate of the standard error.  (5 points)

9.  Construct the 95% confidence interval for the population proportion of the category you chose.  (5 points)

10.  Find the margin of error.  (5 points)

11.  Write a sentence interpreting the confidence interval.  (5 points)





    Perform a hypothesis test for the data you collected for P#3.  Be sure to state the claim, null hypothesis, and alternative hypothesis (8 points).  Choose a significance level such as 0.025 (2 points), give your sample statistic (5 points), and compute the standard error (5 points).  Compute the p-value and formulate an initial conclusion (either reject or support H0) (10 points). Be sure to write a final conclusion as an interpretive sentence that states whether the claim was supported or not (10 points).

    Do all work in an EXCEL workbook and submit electronically via the P#4 link.

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