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GRAD695  Proposal Draft 1


Use APA word template (Times New Roman 12pt) to write your proposal draft:
Download –

  1. Title Page
  • make a title
  • write your name and
  • add a course
  • Create a running HEAD
  1. Page One – Do not write an abstract in the 1st draft – leave page two unchanged
  2. Page Two + – Rename headings
  • Rename Heading 1 – Introduction,
  • create heading 2 – Literature Review
  • create heading 3 – Methodology
  • create heading 4 – Conclusion


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Draft 1 Content

For Proposal Draft #1 you only need to work on introduction:

  1. Describe your topic
  2. Why is it important in Data Science?
  3. What is the main problem?
  4. What is your tentative solution to this problem?


  1. Name at least TWO other papers that have studied a similar problem and briefly describe what they discovered/proposed/predicted…


  1. What data do you plan to use?
  2. Do you anticipate any issues with data processing tasks
  3. What are possible methods that you can use?

Use APA style to cite and insert properly your citations (use Mendeley). Insert TWO citations and Insert References at the end of the proposal, using Mendeley.
No figures or tables in this draft.
Use APA style to create references, add references to the section References
Note: Grade ZERO if plagiarism is detected. Review lecture/notes as needed how to properly acknowledge.

Grading Criteria

Total – 100 points (20%)

  1. Clarity of the topic – 20 pts
  2. Importance of the topic – 10pts
  3. Main problem – 10 pts
  4. Tentative solution – 10 pts
  5. Data plan – 10 pts
  6. APA citation style – 20 pts
  7. Grammar, style – 20 pts

No Late Submission unless an extension is requested ahead of time with a good reason (planned family trips and business trips do not count).
Submit your assignment as a word document. Zip files or other extensions are NOT allowed.
l Questions:

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