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Assignment Content

  1. Purpose of Assignment 
    This assignment continues to connect the topics learned in the course. Week 3 is a continuation of the Week 2 paper. Note. Word count is not used, but ensure your content is substantive.

    Assignment Steps
    a. Review the instructor’s feedback and update your paper. Add the following new content.

    b. Research Variables. Identify one or two variables that could be used for data collection. Three examples.
    1. Is there a difference in average productivity (DV) based on the production shift (IV)? The productivity and production shift are the two variables.
    2. Is there a correlation in profit (DV) based on product sales (IV)? The profit and product sales are the two variables.
    3. Is there a relationship between employee satisfaction (DV) based on the production shift (IV)? Employee satisfaction and production shift are the two variables.

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    c. Collecting a Suitable Sample. Collecting data is not required, but this sampling design could be used.

    Use a random sampling method listed in our textbook, Lind LO8-1. Discuss in detail how the sampling plan would be set up and run for your project. If Stratified or Cluster Random Sampling is used, you will need to discuss a second method for collecting data, such as Simple or Systematic Random Sampling,

    Use Raosoft (2004) to estimate the sample size. Replace the population size of 20,000 with your population size. For instance, if the population was 500, the sample size, n = 218.

    d. Valid and Reliable Data. Discuss how the data collection process is validated before data is collected for the project.

    Surveys are checked before use by one or more means. Data from a database is checked before downloading the sample. Measurements are done with a calibrated or trusted device. Before the sample is collected, you must ensure the data collection process is sound. That is what this is all about.

    A good source is an online textbook Price et al. (2015). You may use Google to search for “sample validation and reliability.”

    Points. Total 80 points.
    Earn 20 points for reviewing the instructor’s feedback and making corrections.
    Earn 60 points for completing the Week 3 topics.

    Submit your business decision-making paper in draft quality.
    Your paper will be reviewed and returned within a day or two. Review the instructor’s feedback and make necessary revisions in preparation for next week.

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