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Case scenario.

  • At the workplace, you are the research team leader.
  • The Boss wants your team to conduct a study with three or more groups to solve a problem.
  • Since there are many workplace problems, you must select the problem for the study.


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  • Part 1 for one-participation point.
    • By part one’s due date, in six-sentences or more, describe the study with three or more groups.
    • In the paragraph, include information for the following questions:
      • What is the problem and why?
      • What would be the treatment/experimental groups and what would be the control group?
      • What would be the Independent variable and the dependent variable for the study and why?
      • What would be the null and alternative hypotheses for the study?
      • What would be the alpha level and why?
    • Information posted after the due date will not receive the one-point.