State the study and its impact on patient care. How have these findings changed your nursing practice?

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Idalmis Espinosa 

Intervention and prevention are two areas in the nursing practice that have led to improved outcomes. Martsolf (2016) stated that nurses practitioners have been given a bigger role to intervene in health care as a relief for physicians. The nurse can offer diagnosis and prescription to patients. The nurses practitioners treat simple conditions and refer the complicated conditions that require the physician’s attentions. The nurses practitioners cannot conduct surgery but can intervene and manage conditions like fevers, airborne diseases, and common cold among others. Patients can access fast medical treatment given that a nurse practitioner can attend them without having to wait for physicians who are mostly busy people. People on the verge of death can be managed by a nurse as the physician’s intervention is being sought; hence nurses save lives of critical patients.

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According to Swan (2011), prevention health care has seen nurse practitioners conduct a home to home healthy living awareness campaigns. Visiting homes is crucial for they provide primary care for the whole family. Visiting homes exposes the nurses to the young ones, youths and the elderly. The ability to access the families at once makes it easy to prevent some diseases from spreading in the family. Hereditary diseases like chorea, mental disorders and ataxia are some of the conditions that the nurses help in preventing their adverse effects in people who are prone to them. Once they visit malaria affected person at home, they can advise thenfamily of ways they can stay safe from malaria. They identify causes that may expose the family to mosquito attacks. Bushes that need to be cleared, areas to be sprayed, sections that need to be lit and water to be drained are identified as means to eliminate mosquito habitation.

State the study and its impact on patient care. How have these findings changed your nursing practice?

Intervention has seen nurse practitioners assigned to ambulatory care services. The ambulatory services offer health care services inside a vehicle. The vehicle is fitted with a small lab, medicine and needles, bed and intensive care equipment. The nurses can transverse the community and offer emergency services to a critically sick person. A critical ill person does not have to be transported all the health facility. The ambulatory is always a call away from the patient (Swan, 2011). After the call is placed the vehicle moves to the area, they have been directed to take the patient and intervene on their health while it is en route to the hospital for attention from the physician.

Nurse practitioners have become critical health personnel  in the medical research for they are the first to the point of interaction with patients. Nurse practitioners are involved in research activities for they know the community and its environs well. They know diseases and conditions that affect people. The nurse practitioners identify things in the society that need to be researched. Also, when nurses are doing their community health awareness programs and come across suspiciousncondition, they recommend to medical researchers to act upon it and establish if it is communicable so that better prevention measures can be taken to secure members of the society (Martsolf, 2016). I have been motivated to start writing research papers about my findings from giving intervention and preventive care to the patients in the community. I present the papers to medical research journal for them to be peer reviewed and critiqued for the best performance and adoption globally.