South Border Risk

To complete your vulnerability assessment of the Southern Border of the U.S. use the material and guide contained in the link below to complete your assessment. Make sure to cover all five areas in your submission. Remember you are assuming the Director of Homeland Security role in writing this material.

1. Identify the Threats and Hazards of Concern. Based on past experience, forecasting, expert judgment, and available resources, identify a list of the threats and hazards of concern to the community.

2. Give Threats and Hazards Context. Using the list of threats and hazards, develop context that shows how those threats and hazards may affect the community.

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3. Examine the Core Capabilities Using the Threats and Hazards. Using the threat and hazard context, identify impacts to the community through the lens of the core capabilities described in the Goal.

4. Set Capability Targets. Looking across the estimated impacts to the community, in the context of each core capability and coupled with a jurisdiction’s desired outcomes, set capability targets.

5. Apply the Results. Plan for the ability to deliver the targeted level of capability with either community assets or through mutual aid, identify mitigation opportunities, and drive preparedness activities. 

APA style 6 pages of an actual work I don’t need a title page only reference page.

Add 5 References or more

And can be done by 11pm today 

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