SOCS250 5

Directions: Using at least three resources (Wikipedia sources are not permitted), write a four page paper addressing the following prompts.  Your submission should comply with APA guidelines for formatting and citations.Be sure to list each resource used at the end of paper in the reference list section.


Part I:

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1.      Explain how the Cairo 1994 Population Conference strategy of increased women’s responsibility and education will help to reduce fertility rates.  What sub-issues are also brought forth from this approach?


2.      Interpret and further explain the world arguments for and against birth control in Section 24. Also try to interpret and represent different cultures’ and non-western, developing countries’ viewpoints.


3.      Outline clearly why declining world fertility rates do not reduce population growth at a parallel rate.


4.      Describe why the concept of population carrying capacity is difficult to apply to the human population.


5.      Describe the dynamics of food supply for increasing human populations.



Part II:


Explain why population growth is more rapidly growing in the lower developed countries and will account for most of the new population by 2025.



Part III:



Using the Internet and other sources, research in more detail food supply problems for LDC’s and industrialized nations in view of the next century’s population growth and their national population growth.

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