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 Journal Entry #2:  Please answer the following in this week’s journal entry.  You must have at least 350 words written in this journal entry.
Total Points Possible:  50

In Module 2, Unit 2, we learned about different and major cultural patterns (Hofstede, Kluckhohn & Strodtbeck, Edward T. Hall) that help to frame the way cultural groups view the world and act and behave.  Please identify and discuss which cultural patterns you see as being a part of your life, background, and experiences.  Do one or two stand out in terms of where and how you grew up (nationally, regionally, ethnically and culturally).  Explain.  Refer to any cultural pattern or related concept from the course readings and documents for this unit (website link in the Module 2 Section, Powerpoint slides, and Note for/Individualism/Collectivism inventory).  (This journal entry will help you do some work for our course paper, the Cultural Profile Project.)


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