Safety Management Plan

Assignment 2: Safety Management Plan

A commercial contractor is seeking legal consultation related to their everyday activities and business operations as a whole.  Acting as a consultant, provide the organization with the following information:
1) How to efficiently and effectively administer contracts in the office as well as in the field.
2) The options available and steps to take in dispute resolution with subcontractors and other project partners.
3) The advantages of solving disputes at the project level.
4) The time and cost considerations associated with additional litigation beyond the project level. 
5) How ethical decisions may or may not be affected by the law. 

Beyond this general consultation, the organization would like you to develop an actual safety management plan for an upcoming construction project.  Include in the plan:
1) Program guidelines and policies
2) OSHA regulations and compliance information
3) Hazard and accident analysis
4) Reporting practices and documentation requirements
5) Site planning considerations 

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Include Total Safety Management principles within the plan where appropriate.  Explain Total Safety Management in detail and why it is beneficial for the organization to implement this type of practice. 

Support the paper with research from the online course material, text, and outside sources if necessary.  Properly cite all sources using the APA format.


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