rewrite in your own words

rewrite this in your own words and be sure it is 150 words:

    Dividing a polynomial by a binomial is really quite similar to using long division. It has the binomial, the polynomial, and the answer (sometimes a remainder). When you are dividing a polynomial when the divisor is missing a term, all you would have to do is put in a 0, as you would in long division. To check your work, you would follow the same steps as you would in long division. This means you would multiply the quotient and the divisor and then add the remainder if you have one. In both kinds of division, you will be multiplying and subtracting the results from the dividend. I would assume that scientists would use polynomial division or maybe even certain technicians of some sort. Math is used all over the world it is just people don’t really pay attention to it.


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200 words rewrite:

There are four elements of financial management. Financial Management is needed to create order and sufficiency within a company when it comes down to the accounting portion. The four recognized elements of financial management is planning, controlling, organizing and directing as well as decision making. Each element is different from each other but together it creates an efficient system used to manage. Planning is when the financial manager identifies the steps that must be taken to accomplish the organization’s objective. Thus the purpose is to identify objectives and then identify the steps required for accomplishing these objectives. The next one is controlling. Controlling is when the financial manager makes sure that each area of the organization is following the plans that have been established. One way to do this is to study current reports and compare them with reports from earlier periods. Organizing and directing is the next one. When organizing, the financial manager decides how to use the resources of the organization to most effectively carry out plans that have been established. When directing, the manager works on a day-to day basis to keep the results of the organizing running efficiently. Decision making is the last one. The financial manager makes choices among available alternatives. Even though all of the elements have there own role in management, one can not be done without the other.


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