Revising and adding more to my essays!! MY FINAL PROJECT

Portfolio Project

Executive Summary


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For this class you will produce a portfolio of substantively revised writing; the portfolio will also include a reflective essay detailed below. One of the most important parts of becoming a successful writer is learning to revise. There are many kinds of revision that you will practice in this course and encounter elsewhere as writers.

  • Proofreading and editing: fixing grammatical and other sentence level issues.
  • Short-term revision: taking feedback on a draft and making changes on the paragraph and document level in a few days (or maybe only hours).
  • Long-term revision: where a text develops over weeks and months as you conduct more research, get feedback, and better understand your project.

The portfolio project is about this last kind of revision. You will select two of your four text-based assignments (review, proposal, article, and essay), conduct some additional research, and substantially revise and extend these texts for your portfolio. Your portfolio will also include your slidecast, which itself will report on research you are doing as part of your revision process.


You will produce one new document for the portfolio: a reflective essay. In this short essay, you will detail the decisions that you made in selecting and revising your two essays for the portfolio. The point is to be as detailed as possible in describing the choices you made and how they resulted in a different and hopefully better text.


The Process


  1. Selecting texts: the portfolio project will begin early in the semester. It probably makes sense for you to select at least one of the first two assignments to include in your portfolio so you can get started. You don’t need to pick the one you did the best on gradewise; you need to identify the text that you think is the most interesting or has the most potential to be expanded.
  2. Researching and repurposing: as you do research for your revision, you may discover your revision going in surprising directions. The point of this portfolio revision is not to make a better “review” or “article” or whatever. The purpose is to take an initial investigation and follow it. For example, a review of the summer movie Pacific Rim might take one into a history of Japanese monster movies. The article on social media and politics might lead one toward research on a political issue not connected with social media or into issues with social media that are not overtly about politics. 
  3. Give yourself time: the portfolio is 50% of your final grade. That means about half your work on the course should be devoted to this project. Classtime will be regularly devoted to the portfolio and there are two schedule conferences. However you can meet with me to discuss this project more regularly if you want. 



  • Two substantially revised writing assignments
  • Slidecast
  • Two examples of informal writing from the class
  • Reflective Essay
  • Participation in Portfolio Workshop


Evaluation Criteria

  • Demonstrated skill at revision
  • Make clear arguments
  • Incorporate research
  • Identify appropriate genres for revision
  • Audience awareness appropriate to genre
  • Reflect on revising experience
  • Provide strong evidence for reflection



Please read each of the essays I am attaching. I need you to research more on the topics of each essay and extend each of the essays by 500 words. 


After that is completed, I need one 750 word essay reflecting on the revising experience. 

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