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Project Overview

This course serves as an introduction to the field of public administration and to key issues within that field. Your final project will be an annotated bibliography that contains all of the bibliographic entries you will be writing each week on peer-reviewed (scholarly/academic) articles related to the administration-politics dichotomy, one of the key issues in public administration theory and practice. For the first segment of the project, you will prepare an annotated bibliography containing each of the entries you prepare each week, and this will be submitted in Week 3. There will be a minimum of 10 different peer-reviewed articles from which an annotation will be developed for each article. Then, for the second segment of the project, you will prepare an 8- to 12-page final essay in which you will describe and discuss the themes you identify in those articles, which also represent weekly topics under review and reflect the readings in the textbook. You will work on this segment in Week 4 and then submit the entire paper, including all annotated bibliographies and the thematic essay, in Week 5.

Please go to W5 Assignment 2 to read through the overview of how this final paper will be presented. This will give you a good idea of how these annotations will be used to create the framework of an analytical essay on the administration-politics dichotomy in public administration. To gain a good understanding of how peer-reviewed (scholarly/academic) resources are defined, please go to Course Home: SUO Policies/Guidelines: Using APA Standards in Your Coursework: Peer Reviewed Articles. All journal articles used for your annotations must be based upon peer-reviewed journal articles only. If peer-reviewed articles are not used, then no credit will be given for an annotation developed from that source.

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Week 1 Instructions and Details

Beginning in Week 1 and for the next two weeks, you will locate peer-reviewed journal articles that address various issues associated with the administration-politics dichotomy in public administration practice and then prepare annotated bibliographic entries for those articles. For this first week, there are no designated topics within this dichotomy. You may want to review the different topics discussed in this week’s lectures and readings to identify those of interest and then locate two (2) peer-reviewed articles that fit within these areas. Use APA formatting for the title and content of each annotation (see instructions in Week 5) and include the following information for each peer-reviewed journal article:

  1. A brief (1–2 paragraphs) summary of the author’s or authors’ key point (evaluative)
  2. Any direct quotations that you feel will be useful in preparing your final essay, with page numbers appropriately indicated
  3. A qualitative assessment of the article itself (i.e., your evaluation of the quality of the article in terms of its writing style, its bias, if any, and its usefulness for your final essay)

There is no requirement for submission of these

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