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Assignment Instructions and Details

This week, you will complete the annotated bibliography on the issue of the administration-politics dichotomy in public administrative practice by first preparing the last four (4) annotations that separately address one of the following issues: some aspect of public personnel administration and management or human resources development; leadership in the public sector; governmental budgeting; and finally, one that addresses the dichotomy in relation to e-government or democratic public administration.

As in previous weeks, use APA formatting for the titles, single-spaced format for the annotation, and include the following information for each entry:

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  1. A brief (1–2 paragraphs) summary of the author’s key points (evaluative)
  2. Any direct quotations that you feel will be useful in preparing your final essay, with page numbers appropriately indicated
  3. A qualitative assessment of the article (i.e., your evaluation of the quality of the articles in terms of writing style, bias, if any, and usefulness for your final essay.)

Now, once you have prepared the above four annotations, you will have a total of ten (10) annotations you have developed over the term. These will now serve as the basis for the second part of this assignment. You will enter each of the annotated bibliographic entries (your summaries) into alphabetical order based on the primary author’s last name, forming one document.

Follow the assignment instructions and guidelines very carefully to prepare the completed annotated bibliography of the final project paper. This will be submitted to Dropbox and graded.

Complete this assignment in a Word document and save it as

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