Response essay

At the end of the course you will complete a short essay on what you have come to understand about urban 

history and the way historical events shape contemporary realities. This paper must be at least 750 words in length and include responses to the following questions: 


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1. What one specific aspect of urban history most interests you? 


2. Identify the key biological, economic, ecological, or cultural factors that most powerfully shape that 

aspect of urban history. 


3. What changes do you see likely based on historical transformations in the past (referencing both the 

past changes as well as the future projections)? 


These questions do not form the outline of the essay but merely provide you with the content questions 

around which you are to construct your essay. 

The best marks go to students who make reference to the relevant course readings. 

The essay must be in APA style and include a cover sheet. 


The essay will be marked with the following mark breakdown: 

• On-time, complies with guidelines, appropriate length, etc. 10% 

• Good description of shaping factors 35% 

• Good projection of future trends with rationale 20% 

• Well organized, logical essay structure, with good planning and design 10% 

• Appropriate use of APA 5% 

• Well written, good sentence structure & grammar, good academic style 20%



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