Research paper discussing the role of the media in our society

Write a research paper on the following topic following the described guidelines



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Must Not Be Plagarized!! Paper Will Be Submitted Thourgh TURNITIN Plagarism Dectection Software. 


Topic:  Discuss the role of the media in our society.  Do the media have undue influence on public policymaking?  Is there a political bias in reporting the news or in deciding what to report on?  Consider the implications of the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.


Please submit a one-page outline on February 23, 2014 by 2200hrs PST


Due Date: March 2, 2014 2200hrs PST


Length: 15 pages


Formant:  APA

Software: Use MS Word.

Type: Use 12 point Times New Roman type or equivalent at all times.

Spacing: Double-space text copy.  Single space end notes and references. Left justify the main text and indent first lines of paragraphs.

Margins: Use page margins of at least 1-inch left and right and 1 inch top and bottom.

Graphics: Tables, charts, and graphs should be placed in appropriate places throughout the paper.

Notes: Put numbered explanatory notes in endnote form. Use sparingly and keep them brief.

Minimum of 5 References

Paper Components


Papers needs to have the following components:


  1. Introduction:  Write 2 pages describing the paper in detail.  You should have a thesis statement whereby you tell the reader why and how this particular project is useful and what you intend to demonstrate or prove.  Include a brief summary of how you plan to proceed in the sections of the paper that follow.


  1. Literature Review:  Write 2 or 3 pages reviewing the professional literature that relates to your project.  This includes books, parts of books, journal articles, professional pamphlets and memoranda, internet sources, etc.  This review should provide a framework for your thesis and give it some perspective.  Try to determine if similar projects have been undertaken in other parts of the world.


  1. Method of Research:  Write 1 or 2 pages showing how you gathered data and/or information for your paper.  Describe interviews with individuals who are knowledgeable about your topic, describe how you collected data if you did so (survey, observation, etc.), describe how you used Internet and library sources, and describe any statistical tool or computer analysis you may have used.



  1. Results and Findings:  Write 5or 6 pages detailing the results of your research.  This part is not an analysis but rather the facts that have unfolded from your work.  For example, provide detailed accounts from people that you interviewed.  What are the key points from the literature that bear on your project?  If you developed tables or graphs, identify salient points from them.  If you conducted a survey, simply report the results from each of the questions. 


  1. Conclusions:  Write 4 or 5 pages where you analyze the information that you have collected and organized.  The conclusions should take the form of policy implications.  You should determine if your thesis which you put forward earlier is credible or not.  These conclusions should be supported by the preponderance of the data and information that you have reported in the “results and findings” section.  Finally, you should use the information and analysis to formulate your own opinion about how your research and/or project will have an impact on your subject area.


  1. Further Research:  Write 1 or 2 pages indicating how you could improve your study if you had a chance to conduct it again.  Be specific.  And then show how your study can be expanded in the future.  What are the next steps in this area of research?  How will the subject area benefit from your research and continued research?


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