Renaissance and Empire

WOW! Student Driven Discussion Instructions

The Topic is Renaissance and Empire


The WOW discussion is an opportunity to share with the class something that really surprised you in your reading, research, or study of the topics for that unit Look for something that made you say to yourself “I didn’t know that” or “WOW! That’s cool!”  or “I would like to know more”.

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In your WOW! discussion post:

  1. While reading the required text or participating in a content discussion, write down at least 5 WOW “I didn’t know that” or “That’s amazing” facts. Then for each WOW, write at least 3 questions about that topic that come to mind and you would ask the author.
  2. Select one WOW fact and corresponding 3 questions and build a reflective assignment that you will share in a discussion with you classmates. At the top of the document, quote or paraphrase the WOW fact and provide the source of that fact in APA, MLA or Chicago Style format.
  3. Write a brief paragraph about why that information excited you, how you related to that information, or found it most interesting. Then below the paragraph list each of the internal dialogue questions with an answer for each that may have come from more reading, research, or the answer may be you didn’t find anything definitive but found out something else interesting related to the topic. Each answer should also include the source in APA, MLA or Chicago Style format.
  4. Post your WOW assignment in the appropriate unit discussion to share with classmates (While your instructor will be reading posts and sharing comments as necessary, this discussion is intended to be a student led conversation.)
  5. Respond to at least two classmates’ WOW assignments with 2 additional questions.

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