reflective-self essay

Find evidence of strengths and weaknesses in the writing you submitted throughout the course. Take some time to read through your writing, looking for strengths (areas you have developed as a writer) and weaknesses (areas needing more development). Find evidence from at least two graded formal essays, and include references to the final assignment for the course. You may also refer to some smaller assignments, but the majority of your evidence should come from your full essays.  Explain how this portfolio demonstrates your progress throughout the course and how it reflects changes in the way you think about informative writing. Aim for an honest assessment that highlights both your strengths and weaknesses. To support your claims, provide evidence from specific pages and passages in the essays you include in your portfolio. Finally, comment briefly on how you plan to apply the knowledge and skills you developed in this class to future classes and/or your career. The essay is not to address the course or my teaching, but rather focus on yourself and your writing.  Remember to include a works cited page for your essay and use in-text citations from your work to support your observations.What comments/criticism did you address in your final drafts? How did you address this feedback? How do the essays reflect your progress as a writer?  Remember, this essay is an opportunity for you to reflect on your progress as a writer and student; therefore, take time to think over your experience in this class. What goals did you set, and how did you set about accomplishing these goals? How do these papers reflect these accomplishments? What goals will you set for yourself going forward, and how will you accomplish these new goals?

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