Real Estate Risk and Portfolio Management Midterm

(Please make it clear to me that you’ve looked over so I know Im not dealing with an automated response as I am receiving hundreds that likely don’t understand this specific subject. Once I know that you understand, I can send you the actual PDF and we can negotiate price 🙂

Hello, I have a midterm exam in Real Estate Risk and Portfolio Management that is extremely comprehensive and Im having trouble understanding a majority of the material. I wanted to see if this looks like something you guys would be able to do? I will attach some directions from the teacher below—

Multiple Choice and True/False responses (should be returned using the ANSWER SHEET PROVIDED TO YOU).

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For the Base and Downside Cases read the directions carefully and you may either use the spread sheet provided or create your own excel sheet.  For both cases there are 7 required answers, 5 metrics and 2 covenant responses.  Please review the instructions carefully on the methodology to calculate the following:

Ø Annual income yield to equity

Ø Appreciation returns of the annual equity

Ø Total return to equity

Ø  Debt Service Coverage Ratio 

Ø Loan to Value Percentage

You have 3 questions to answer on this case, please do so in a word document.  Do not write the answer free hand/script etc.

For problem 2 you are provided the equation for the Capital Markets line to compute the Expected Return, the degree of Risk Aversity, don’t like risk (highest, lowest, and middle) and whether the investor is a lender, borrower or neither PLOTTED ON THE GRAPH.

For Problem 3 you are provided the equation for the Security Markets line to compute the various metric elements to determine where the specific stocks fall relative to the line (undervalued, overvalued, properly valued).  And they should be PLOTTED ON THE ACCOMPANYING GRAPH.

For Question 4 briefly explain in word document which of the 4 portfolios form the efficient frontier and why, Part A

.  And, also explain your observations on the differences for all the 4 different combinations as described in Part B.

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